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Alternative Health Practices and Pseudoscience

Alternative health practices abound, most based on pseudoscience, or no science at all. Some of these therapies are harmless, other than what is paid for them, some may be actually harmful, and some while harmless may divert patients with real problems from seeking competent medical care. This presentation will shed some light.

Abhijit Chanda is a science communicator, writer, public speaker, and founder of Rationable, which promotes science and skepticism through the website www.berationable.com, the Youtube Channel Rationable, and the podcast The Rationable Podcast. He has interviewed prominent scientists, skeptics, and atheists, covering topics like psychics, archaeology, health policies, neurology, religion and food while also doing deep dives into alternative medicine, health and fad diets. These interviews include the likes of Leonard Tramiel, Mick West, Paul Offit, Robert Palmer, Susan Gerbic, Mark Edward, Sanal Edemaruku, Seth Andrews and many more.

He has been a guest on The Skeptic Zone podcast, the Vimoh Live podcast and stream, has been interviewed for the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and spoken at events like the Indian Brights Society Atheists Conference 2022 in Pune, India; Skeptics In The Pub 2022 in Australia; SkeptiCal 2022 for the Bay Area Skeptics; and DragonCon 2020.

This program will take place both in-person (at 1230PM) and online (at 1PM), via Zoom. The in-person event will be held at Pinnacle Living at 45 Forts Ferry Road in Latham, NY. Light refreshments will be available at the in-person meeting before the speaker’s presentation. Current paid CDHS members will automatically receive an invite to the on-line meeting via email.

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