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America Needs Atheists Now More Than Ever

Kate Cohen is the author of We of Little Faith: Why I Stopped Pretending to Believe (And Maybe You Should Too. The book chronicles Kate’s journey from Reform Jew to outspoken atheist, her decision to raise her children as atheists, and her attempts to create for her own family the benefits that religion provides for others. It also argues that nonbelievers should […]

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Alternative Health Practices and Pseudoscience

Alternative health practices abound, most based on pseudoscience, or no science at all. Some of these therapies are harmless, other than what is paid for them, some may be actually harmful, and some while harmless may divert patients with real problems from seeking competent medical care. This presentation will shed some light. Abhijit Chanda is a science communicator, writer, public […]

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Religiosity and Happiness: Much Ado About Nothing

There are a number of studies that suggest religiosity is related to happiness or well-being and that less religious or nonreligious individuals are not as happy as are religious individuals (Fenelon and Danielsen 2016). However, the findings on the relationship between religiosity and happiness are mixed, with some studies finding that higher levels of religiosity are related to higher levels […]

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